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You know how to put a smile on someone's face. Thank you so very much for being so amazing! All of you are always so happy and welcoming and you always go that extra step for us!

I am so impressed with everyone on staff at your clinic. I am actually looking forward to my treatments with you and future bright smile! Thank you all again for your amazing level of professionalism and kindness. I hope you have a great weekend.

I was so scared that I would just shake or pass out. I hated the needle. so I came in and they put me under, pulled out 10 teeth.

I said, I don't feel anything and they said it's all over. Never felt a thing.

I came back to do a crown. They froze me and I'm not scared any more. Now I walk in on my own I don't have any problems at all.

This is the best place and the best people.

Dr. Loverin at Willow Dental (West Broadway Location) provided me with the best care that I ever received from a dentist. I have extreme fear of everything dental; cleaning, fillings, extractions… name it, I am terrified. But just recently, I had no option; I had teeth problems that were not going away. Already left for far, far too long, they had to be tended to.

Yesterday, I had a cracked tooth fixed, 8 fillings, 2 impacted wisdom teeth removed and a necessary piece of bone removed. The procedures went very smoothly, was painless and I slept through most of it. Dr. Loverin talked me through the whole experience and reassured me at every turn.

Today, I feel great! I am very pleasantly surprised that I have only experienced mild discomfort. My appointment turned out to be nothing like what I previously built the scenario up to be in my mind.

The staff at Willow Dental also deserves kudos. Everyone seems to enjoy their job and the people that walk through their doors. I highly recommend Dr. Loverin (Willow Dental) to everyone, especially those patients with extreme fear. Not having any insurance, they made my bill less traumatic too. I am still amazed by my overall care and experience and thank everyone at Willow Dental Clinic on West Broadway. - J. Mackie

Thank you for your patience and assistance this morning when I came by the office. I look forward to working with your office. You've already eased my anxiety somewhat and I thank you for that.

I am totally afraid of the whole dental experience. Not any more thanks to Willow Dental Group.

Heidi is awesome. The entire staf is wonderful and friendly.

The girls at the front desk were very friendly, Heidi, who cleaned my teeth was great and Dr. Pierre Vigneault was excellent, as usual!!! The long drive from Surrey is really worth it!!!

I was referred to Willow Dental last year when I was experiencing a lot of issues with my teeth (and gums). I was in so much pain that I would barely allow him to touch my teeth. Somehow, they were able to get x-rays and a minor examination done and we determined the work necessary.

I’m not good with pain and was fearful about what was next. But the terrific staff were kind, patient and supportive throughout the experience. They careful reviewed the procedure(s), told me about any options and outlined the recovery process. I opted for conscious sedation (something many dentists don’t offer) which also helped ease my fears.

I want to thank the staff at Willow Dental who continue to provide me with excellent care, are always mindful of my “sensitivities” (even during follow-up and cleanings) and are always friendly and welcoming.

I have, and continue to, recommend Willow Dental to my friends and colleagues. They make going to the dentist a little less stressful and a little more pleasant.

You have the most incredible staff I have ever encountered. It was an absolute pleasure.

May 13, 2012

"Thanks to Nicole & all the staff for putting up with me. I couldn't have gotten through it without your help. From Sacha"

Sacha sent the office this lovely box of chocolate covered strawberries to say thank you!

Thank you so much for being so kind, gentle and relaxed with me during all my appointments.

Because of fear, I have avoided going to the dentist for years and years. But then it came to the point where I knew I just had to get some dental work done. So, I did some internet searches and came accross the Willow Dental Clinic.

My first few seconds in the Clinic set the tone for all of my subsequent visits. Everyone was so kind and patient with me.

I chose the conscious sedation therapy to help me through the process of having 13 teeth worked on. This experience was amazing. I couldn't believe how pain and anxiety free my dental work was.

Dr. Vigneault has made me feel completely relaxed, safe and calm each time I visit the office. He's remembered the conversations we had in each prior visit...and we pick up chatting right where we last left off.

I recommend Dr. Vigneault, the Willow Clinic and conscious sedation to everyone I talk to about getting dental work done. I am so happy that I've finally found a dentist I don't mind seeing.

T. Wattum

1/4/2012 11:03:14 PM

All of the staff make you fell at ease. My dentist is one of the best.

Dear Dr. Vigneault and the Willow Dental Care Staff,

My wife read on the internet about your unique services for fearful patients and suggested that, even though I am in my 'senior' years, I should try "one more time". I am so glad that I did. The experience of having the simple 2 pill sedation followed by painless dental work was way beyond my expectations. They did a complete de-scaling and cleaning of every tooth, filled a cavity in a back molar and crowned a couple of teeth while I was virtually unconscious and blissfully unaware. That was all a week ago and there have been absolutely no after-effects or even soreness.

Here is my story - at least what I remember, what my wife told me between giggles about my semi-conscious state and what the Willow staff revealed when I popped in to confirm my first check-up - they smiled knowingly too but it sure doesn't bother me - I was in dreamland!

With some reluctance in me, we went to the Vancouver Willow Dental Care - just to hear more about "conscious sedation".

The welcome was warm and they took our coats as they showed us to comfortable waiting-room chairs. A good start, I thought. I was soon ushered in for a chat and a preliminary examination. Dr. P. V. spoke "technical jargon" to his Dental Assistant but spoke plain English to me as he examined my teeth and with special equipment scanned my mouth, tongue and throat for any other diseases - another unique service at Willow .

When the examination was over we talked about a couple of appointments to do the work - the first described above and a second to deal with some very old "bridge-work" that dates back to my teens. Our dental plan covers quite a good percentage of the costs including the sedation and Willow does the negotiation with the Medical Plan people and provides an estimate quote. The only reason that my wife will accompany me to my next appointment with Willow is that after sedation I do need a ride home and a few hours to sleep off the rest of the sedation. Apparently some patients just feel relaxed and mellow while others like me drift off into a lovely restful snooze while the professionals do the work.

DRR - an amazed and grateful new patient at Willow Dental Care - Vancouver, BC Canada .

Attn: Dr Martin Loverin

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for yesterday's root canal. I was really scared of the procedure but ended up being completely pain free throughout.

Today I have zero pain in my tooth and it is the hugest relief! You are a great dentist! :)

Date: 6/12/2012

I am totally afraid of the whole dental experience. Not any more thanks to Willow Dental Group.

Date & Time: 11/10/2011 Message: I had put off having my teeth fixed for over 15

years as many bad experiences with Dentists in the past.

One call to Willow Dental care solved all of this as It was easy and

painless. I had all my issues taken care of in one morning and didn't feel a thing. I wish I would have found them years ago!!

Very Accommodating for Fearful/Anxious Patients.

Best dental clinic in Vancouver!

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